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Toledoans for Safe Water is part of a growing global movement for the Rights of Nature. 

We are what Democracy looks like

We are what Democracy looks like

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The Box of Allowable Activism above depicts how communities are boxed in by a legal system designed to protect corporate interests and limit their rights to local self-government.

Check out the Lake Erie Bill of Rights featured on Vox! 


Why the “rights of nature” could be the next frontier for environmentalism. Read the full story here.


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Check out the Lake Erie Bill of Rights featured on The Daily Show! 


Daily Show correspondent and Michigan native Michael Kosta heads to Toledo, Ohio, to find out how conservationists are trying to preserve Lake Erie by granting it rights.


Watch Volunteer Organizer, Markie Miller, Address the United Nations 

Organizers of Toledoans for Safe Water were invited to address the UN General Assembly on Earth Day 2019 for the Interactive Dialogue on Harmony with Nature.


Infographs from Toledoans for Safe Water

The Lake Erie

    Bill of Rights   

Citizens Initiative  

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